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Inside the Online Learning Studio

The Online Learning Studio offers full-service video production for instructors, departments and other organizations in the School of Arts & Sciences and across the University of Pennsylvania. Online Learning produces educational video to be used in many contexts including: for-credit, non-credit, and professional courses at Penn; Massive online open courses (MOOCs); Structured Active In-class Learning (SAIL) and flipped courses; promotional video and video for conference presentations; on-location and documentary style video as well as webcasts.

Our services

Together with the rest of the Online Learning team, the Studio can produce videos from concept to delivery. This includes:

  • Concept development and instructional design
  • Pre-production planning (e.g., script assistance, logistics, scheduling)
  • Video production
  • Post-production (i.e., editing and graphics)
  • Delivery and distribution

The Studio is equipped with:

  • 4K Sony cameras
  • Sound and light equipment
  • Green screen
  • Lightboard 
  • Teleprompter
  • Screencasting  

Behind the scenes of our video production

Our instructional designers, directors and producers are experts in preparing instructors to teach through video, whether you’re new to this or a seasoned expert. We can also accommodate a wide range of video styles, including but not limited to:

  • Studio green screen shoots
  • On-location shoots (e.g., multi-camera shoots on Penn’s campus)
  • Light board shoots
  • Voice-over screencasting

We help you tailor your videos to your content in a way that gets your message across clearly and effectively.

Book the Studio

Please contact us for our rate sheet and to discuss scheduling: online-learning@sas.upenn.edu