There are many avenues of support at Penn Arts & Sciences Online Learning. Please choose from the options provided below for what best reflects your question.

For technical support questions


Two-Step account verification

  • Two-Step Verification provides an added layer of protection when accessing PennKey-protected websites and applications. After you log in with your PennKey and password, you will use a device in your possession to verify your identity. With Two-Step Verification, your data is protected, even if your PennKey password is compromised.
  • To enroll in Two-Step Verification, visit Enroll in Two-Step Verification at Penn
  • Please consult the Two-Step Verification FAQ for troubleshooting guidance
  • If you are having a Two-Step Verification issue, call the Two-Step Verification code hotline: (215) 746-2222, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST.

Course technology issues

  • Online courses use many technologies, including Canvas, VoiceThread, Zoom, and other tools
  • Please consult the Penn LPS Online Student Knowledge Base for troubleshooting guidance
  • Contact the Online Learning Team for technical questions, such as trouble submitting assignments or accessing a tool at 1 (833) 283-2987 or email
    • If calling from outside the United States, we strongly recommend using a VOIP or other web-based phone service such as Skype to avoid international charges.

Devices and software issues

  • The SAS Online Learning helpdesk cannot provide support for device hardware issues (for example: a cracked laptop screen) or noncourse technology software issues (for example: help with a Microsoft Word update)
  • Please contact the University of Pennsylvania's Tech Center for help with device and software issues

For any additional technical questions, please reach out to or call us at 1 (833) 283-2987.

For advising, accessibility, and counseling questions

Questions about registration and advising

  • Students should direct questions about registration and advising to their advisor
  • Students can find the name of their academic advisor in Penn InTouch on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. You can also email if you are unsure who your advisor is.

Accessibility (SDS)

  • Penn provides comprehensive, professional services and programs for students who self-identify with disabilities to ensure equal academic opportunities and participation in University-sponsored programs
  • If you have a disability and want to request accommodation contact, please the Office of Student Disabilities Services (SDS)

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

  • The counseling center for the University of Pennsylvania. CAPS offers free and confidential services to all Penn undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Their goal is to assist students as they adjust to University life, manage personal and situational challenges, develop coping strategies, and grow personally and professionally.
  • To access CAPS services, call (215) 898-7021 and select option 1. This service is available 24/7/365
  • Visit the CAPS website for additional information and online resources

For questions about financial services or billing

For course and program information

College of Liberal and Professional Studies Office
3440 Market Street, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3335
P: (215) 898-7326
F: (215) 573-2053