Learning Opportunities

Flipped and Structured Active In-Class Learning (SAIL)

In collaboration with the Center for Teaching and Learning's Structured, Active, In-class Learning (SAIL) program, Online Learning supports faculty teaching both online and on campus in the "flipping" of their classrooms. Often this model means that new content or lectures are consumed before class, and class time is built around highly structured activities such as problem solving, group work, interpreting data or engaging in “real practices in the discipline” with instructors guiding the process.

Online Learning carefully collaborates with professors to tailor their video lectures to the unique circumstances of the online or on-campus environment of their classrooms, taking into consideration the activities and assessments associated with a specific course or discipline.  This pre-class delivery of custom-made and high-quality lectures opens up the classroom for close interaction with faculty and highly structured exercises that support active learning.

The video below was developed for a SAIL course taught by Philip Gressman, Professor of Mathematics, using the light board in the Online Learning studio: