Clayton Colmon

Director of Curriculum Design

Dr. Colmon believes lifelong learning is integral to any sustainable social system and appreciates the transformative potential of blended and online learning spaces. He is an advocate for inclusivity in present and future knowledge-building communities and uses universal design practices in his work. Clay also adapts his instructional design approach to meet individual pedagogical needs.

Before coming to Penn, Clay taught courses on digital composition, American literature, and science fiction at the University of Delaware. He received his Bachelor of Arts in English and political science, with honors, from Rutgers University. He holds a PhD in English from the University of Delaware. Clay’s work lives at the intersection of critical race, gender, queer, and utopian studies, as he examines technology’s impact on queer communities of color, creative knowledge-work, and social change. He has presented and published scholarship on queer afrofuturism, digital pedagogy, dystopic urban spaces, and critical worldbuilding.